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AC Synchronous Motors

AC Synchronous Motors

Pro-Sync AC synchronous motor is classified as permanent magnet induction motor, being operated as A C synchronous motors constant low speed motor or as a phase switched D.C. stepper. This motor is simple in construction including motor 60 rpm. The motor consists of a rotor & stator, which makes no physical contact, by maintaining a precise air gap. The simple construction leads to long life of the motor.

Pro-Syn is a very special type of motor having the following advantages:

  • Simple Circuitry
  • Bi-directional control
  • Instant start, stop and reversibility
  • Starting and running currents are identical
  • No damage even if the motor is stopped forcibly

AC Motors

Pro-Syn A C synchronous motor including 60 rpm is basically two phase motors. In order to operate from single phase AC source, second phase is generated by using RC network in series with one of the motor phase windings. Suitable RC network is supplied with motor. The instant starting, stopping and reversing characteristics of these motors have low speed of 60 RPM at 50 HZ, supply. The motors require single pole, three position switch to provide forward, off & reverse control. When the power is applied windings are energized, with no current being conducted to the rotor, Hence practically starting, running and stall current is not exceed the maximum torque of the motor specified. These motors are available in range of 3 Kgcm to 80 Kgcm capacity. AC synchronous motor manufacturer, exporter, trader, supplier and dealer from last 20 years with positive feedbacks from clients.

Electrical Specifications of AC Synchronous Motors

TYPE PS-3 PS-7 PS-10 PS-20 PS-30 PS-40
Voltage 240 V. A.C. 240 V.A.C. 240 V.A.C. 240 V. A.C. 240 V.A.C. 240 V. A.C.
Current 100mA 100mA 150mA 450mA 1 A 1.8 A
Resistor 25 W / 1KΩ 25 W / 1KΩ 25 W / 1KΩ 75 W / 470Ω 200 W / 235Ω 200 W / 235 Ω
Capacitor 0.8 MFD / 440 V.A.C. 1 MFD / 440
1.25 MFD / 440 V.A.C. 3.5 MFD / 440 V.A.C. 7.0 MFD / 440 V.A.C. 12 MFD / 440 V.A.C.
Nom / Torque 3 Kgcm 7Kgcm 10 Kgcm 20 Kgcm 30 Kgcm 40 Kgcm
RPM @50 Hz 60 60 60 60 60 60

Circuit Diagram of AC Synchronous Motor

AC Synchronous Motors     AC Synchronous Motors