5000W Electric Motorbike Air Cooling BLDC Motor

5000W Electric Motorbike Air Cooling BLDC Motor

5000W electrical bike air cooling BLDCM MOTOR

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Voltage: 24V/36V/48V/72V
Rated Energy: 3KW-7.5KW
Efficeincy: 88%
Pace: 2000-6000rpm (customizable)
Casing: AluSmartum
Length (peak): 126mm
Diameter: 206mm
Shaft: CZPTizable
Features: Compact design, Drinking water resistent, Stainless Steel Shaft, Self Cooling Supporter
Apps: CZPT car, electrical bike, electrical tricycle, electric powered golf carts, fork carry, electric boat, and so on.

BLDC Motors and Controllers
We are producing basic-objective brushless dc motors with electricity range from 50W to 20KW, and the voltage variety from 12V to 120V DC. It has been extensively utilized for several purposes, eg., auto industry, self-manage system, battery run bikes, scooters, electric powered automobiles and so on. It has better performances than other classic dc motors.

Solution Functions:
Long working existence (>10, 000 hours)
Minimal noise, substantial torque
Excellent functionality characteristics
High efficiency (>80%)
High dependability
Lower Price

CZPT specifications:

Rated voltage: 24-a hundred and twenty VDC
Rated energy: 50W-20KW
Rated pace: 2000-10000 rpm
Stepless velocity control, dual-path

BLDC Motor Controllers (5KW – 30KW) for electrical automobiles, bikes, golfing carts, etc.

Rated Power:3KW-7.5KW
Efficeincy: 88%
Velocity: 2000-6000rpm (customizable)
Casing: AluSmartum 
Length (height): 126mm 
Diameter: 206mm
Shaft: customizable 
Features: Compact design,Water resistent, 
                Stainless Steel Shaft, Liquid Cooling
Programs: CZPT car, electric motorcycle, 
 electric tricycle, electric golf carts, fork lift, electric boat, etc. 
Type: 48V5000W
Weight: 11.6kgs/unit 
Kind: 72V5000W
Excess weight: 11.6kgs/unit                           

5000W Electric Motorbike Air Cooling BLDC Motor