Light Weight Servo Electric High Speed Pm BLDC Motor

Light Weight Servo Electric High Speed Pm BLDC Motor

Light-weight Weight Servo CZPT High Speed PM BLDC Motor

Merchandise Feature
one. Exclusive exterior rotor design
two. Midium velocity with substantial efficiency
three. Tremendous substantial electrical power density
four. Modest size
5. Reduced noise and vibration
six. Drinking water resistance and corrosion resistance
seven. Patented one-piece admirer design

Technical specs
Design variety: W70KV240-8
Voltage: 50VDC
Working Velocity: 10000rpm
Output Power: 8KW
Repeatedly Working existing: 190A
Efficiency: 91%
Motor Diameter: 70mm
Motor Length: 93.5mm
NW: 1.42KG
Energy Density: 5.63kw/kg

Big load electrical-powered unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV),including agriculture and industry

Other Types you will be intrigued in:

Motor type Voltage
(V DC)
Working velocity
Long term output energy (kW) Continuous operating existing (A) Efficiency
Motor diameter(mm) Motor size
Electrical power density
W93KV100-1.8 forty four.four 3000 1.8 fifty 88 93 42 .seven two.57
W70KV240-8 50 ten thousand 8 190 91 70 93.5 1.42 5.63
W70KV340-8 fifty 15000 8 a hundred ninety ninety two 70 83.five one.25 6.four
W70KV360-8 50 16000 8 a hundred ninety 92 70 83.5 1.twenty five six.four
W70KV340-12 fifty 15000 12 285 91 70 93.5 one.42 eight.45
W70KV450-15 51.eight 20000 15 340 ninety two 70 ninety three.5 one.forty two ten.fifty six

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Light Weight Servo Electric High Speed Pm BLDC Motor