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Logic controller

The leading manufacturer of Vadodara Delta programmable logic controllers.

Delta Programmable Logic Controller
Usage/application Code programming
Current A 0.5
Classified by brand Delta
Voltage 24 V DC
Type of installation panel
Manufacturer Series AS series
Input quantity 24 bit
Output type 数字
Model Name vice president

  • 12, 14, 16, 20, 32, 48, 64 & 80 point main processing unit
  • Scalable to 512 digital inputs/outputs
  • 8 k 116 k / 30 k program capacity according to model
  • Online programming and step-by-step debugging
  • Standard built-in RS 232, RS 485 / 422, run stop switch, potentiometer, etc.
  • Analog I/O extension module, thermocouple, RTD, load cell input module
  • 32-bit high-speed counter up to 500 KHz
  • High-speed pulse output up to 500 KHz
  • 10,000 data registers and 10,000 file registers
  • 4096 internal auxiliary, relay, 256 timer, 255 counter
  • Built-in PID, fuzzy logic temperature control instructions
  • Multiple PLC communication links, Ethernet, CAN open, device network communication module available
  • Three programming languages
  • (1) Command mode (2) Ladder diagram mode (3) Sequential function diagram mode
  • Provide linear/circular interpolation, motion control and E-CAM functions

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