Q&Qd High Volume Low Pressure Water Pumps

Q&Qd High Volume Low Pressure Water Pumps

Our firm is specializing in pumps&time period The sequence of pumps&comma adopted Q&solWQFB001-1998 regular&comma in way of alternating voltage of sinusoidal wave&comma operate by way of the periodic reversal magnetism-sound at a substantial pace which is created by electromagnetic coil&time period They have such characteristics&colon Light-weight top quality&comma shifting and setting up just&comma strength-conservation&comma double layers insulating&comma durable in use&comma etc&period&time period&periodWelcome to inquire and purchase our goods&period of time

Application Area&colon

1&time period Domestic&sol professional&sol industral use&time period
2&interval Drainage of sewage from the creating basements&comma hotal&comma business squander h2o from factories&time period
3&period of time Pumping area and draining drinking water from the garages and sprinkler systems&interval
four&interval Becoming geared up with a double-channel impeller&interval
Operating Limitations&colon

one&time period Submersible depth&colon 5M
2&period Liquid temperature up to <40° C
Structural Attributes&colon

one&period2 pole induction motor
two&period1-section&sol3-section&comma 50HZ&sol60HZ
three&interval Insulation&colon Course B
four&period of time Defense&colon IP68
five&time period Solitary phase with capacitor and thermal overload safety&time period

QiFeng Pump Industy was established in 1993&time period We emphasis on collection of drinking water pumps and getting prosperous ordeals to do the h2o pumps&time period Our organization covering much more than 12000 square meters operating area&comma far more than 200employees&interval

Administration&QC&colon Unique 3 actions tests&comma which includes motor examination&comma pump take a look at and total unite take a look at to assure the best top quality&period of time
Gear&colon 5 superior stream line generation and an online self-measurement program&time period

Advertising Work&colon Covering much more than 35countries and areas all around the world&time period

CERTIFICATES&colon Possessing apparently received worldwide safety verifications from CE&period COC&interval CCC and so on

We guarantee the high top quality items & the ideal cost for every customer&period of time
&period&period of time&periodAny comprehensive queries&comma you should be free of charge to speak to us&excl We are going to reply u as quickly as possible&interval

Welcome to pay a visit to us&excl

 Voltage  V  Flow  m3/h  CZPT  M  Power  kw  pipesize  mm
 QD3-35/2-.seventy five  220/380  3  35  0.seventy five  32
 QD6-26/two-.75  220/380  6  26  0.seventy five  40
 QD3-48/three-1.1  220/380  3  48  1.one  32
 QD6-35/3-1.one  220/380  6  35  1.1  40
 QD3-68/4-one.five  220/380  3  68  1.five  32
 QD6-forty eight/four-1.5  220/380  6  48  1.five  40
 QD10-26/2-1.5  220/380  10  26  1.five  50
 QD12-32/2-1.5  220/380  12  32  1.five  50
 Q3-112/7-2.eight  380  3  112  2.eight  32
 Q6-seventy eight/seven-2.eight  380  6  78  2.8  40
 Q10-56/4-2.8  380  10  56  2.8  50
 Q10-68/5-3  380  10  68  3  50

Q&Qd High Volume Low Pressure Water Pumps