YCT Series Three Phase Motor

YCT Series Three Phase Motor

Merchandise Description

Product Description:
YEJ Sequence Electromagnetic Braking Three-section Asynchronous Motors are variety of induction motor that  totally enclosed and enthusiast cooled in squirrel cage composition, with a direct current electromagnetic brake.

Solution Characteristics: 
1. Quick braking
two. Basic structure
three. Substantial effectiveness
four. Vitality-conserving
5. Minimal noise
six. Small vibration
7. Risk-free procedure
8. Easy maintenance

They are extensively utilized for:
electrical valve,
metal reducing resource,
woods equipment,
textile machine,
rubber chemical machine,
printing and forging equipment,
and other driving method which demand rapid and precise stopping.

Running Issue:
1. Ambient temperature: -15º C~+40º C
2. Altitude: Not exceed 1000m
3. Electricity variety: .forty five-100kW
4. Rated voltage: 380V
5. Rated frequency: 50Hz
6. Security class: IP44/IP54
7. Insulation class: F
8. Cooling strategy: IC411
nine. Operating obligation: S1 (constant)
ten. Fundamental Set up Technique B3 B35 B5
eleven. Frame measurement: H80-225
twelve. Simple Pole: 2/four/6/8/10

Merchandise Description


    YCT series electromagnetic governor motor,one of themainproducts derived form Y series motor,consists of electromagnetic slipclutch,speed meter generator and pulling motor,is matched withcontroller which can regulate the speed steplessly under constant torque within the rated speed regulating range.

It can be used in the industries of textile,chemical,metallurgical,papermaking,plastic processing etc.and various machines and equipments which require speed regulation.It is suitable for the machines whose runing torque loads decrease progressively,such as centrifugal pump and blower,and many others.The capacity or pressure can be controlled with speed regulation instead of valve,which has conspicuous effects of energy saving.


 Motor Features:
1) A.C stepless pace regulating, it has computerized regulating method,pace rate of variation is not exceed two.five%
two) Cost-free of uncontrolled position and vast selection of speed regulating(max 10:1)
three) Excellent efficiency and with higher commencing torque
four) Easy construction , straightforward in procedure and upkeep
Lower energy in controlling, it could has multi-method to handle


1. Frame size:H112-355

2. Power:.fifty five-90KW

3. Voltage as follows:

one)Rated Voltage for Controller: 220V

2)Rated Voltage for the motor:380V(three phase) 220V(single phase)

four. Rated Frequency: 50 Hz 

5. Poles: 4A,4B

6. Speed: 1250-125, 1320-132, 1320-440 ,1320-600

7. Ambient Temperature: -15°C-40°C 

8. Model of CONEECTION: Y-Connection for 3 KW motor or less while Delta-Connection for 4 KW motor or more

9. Duty: continuous (S1)

10. Insulation Class:  B/F

11. Protection Class:  IP21

12. Frame material: Cast iron body

13. Cooling Method: IC411 CZPTs

fourteen. Altitude: No more than 1,000 meters above sea level

15. Packing: 112-355 frame be packaged by wooden circumstances
sixteen. Certifications: CE, CCC, CZPT: 2008

 CZPT Information

Frame number Nominal caplcity (KW) Rated torque N.m Range of speed regulation r/min Rate of speed variation not better than %
ninety -4A .25 one.6 1200-120 two.five
-4B .37 2.3
112 -4A .fifty five three.six 1230-125
-4B .seventy five 4.nine
132 -4A one.one seven.1
-4B one.5 9.7
one hundred sixty -4A two.two 14.one 1250-one hundred twenty five
-4B three. 19.two
one hundred eighty -4A 4. 25.2
200 -4A five.five 36.1
-4B seven.five forty seven.7
225 -4A 11 69
-4B 15 ninety four
250 -4A 18.five a hundred and ten 1320-132
-4B 22 137
280 -4A 30 189
315 -4A 37 232
-4B 45 282
355 -4A 55 344 1340-440
-4B 75 469
-4C ninety 564 1340-600
400 -4A a hundred and ten 690 1350-650


 YCT Collection Electromagntism Speed Regulation CZPT Motor
1). Power:  0.55KW-90KW
2). Frame:  H112 to 355
3). Shell:   Cast iron body 
4). Pole:  4 poles
5). Mounting arrangement:  B3
six). Voltage:   380V
seven). Protection class:  IP21
eight). Duty/Ranking:  S1 (Steady)
nine). Cooling method:   IC411 (SELF-FAN cooling)
ten). Insulation class:  B  F
11).CZPT:  (IEC) EN60034-1 & EN1065714-one.


YCT Series Three Phase Motor