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Toshiba inverter

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Delta variable frequency drive inverter
Model name/number Inverter-B
Ingredients Fiber plastic
Motor Power 1 HP
Input voltage 220 V
IP rating IP20
Input phase 1-stage
Classified by brand Delta
Usage/application Maintain frequency range
cooling method from

  • V/F control, sensorless vector control, magnetic flux vector control, torque control mode
  • Output frequency 0.01~400 Hz, (high frequency model is 0.1~3000 Hz)
  • 200% zero-speed torque, flux vector PG control
  • Automatic torque boost and slip compensation
  • Encoder feedback and PID feedback control
  • Built-in PLC function with expandable I/O
  • Built-in multi-stage speed control
  • Motor parameter auto-tuning in vector control mode
  • Optional communication modules: Canopen, Device Net, Profi bus, Mod bus & Ethernet
  • Select models can also be used for induction motors and permanent magnet (PM) motors
  • Built-in EMI filter and DC choke for specific models
  • Easy to maintain and optional expansion module design
  • Comply with global safety standards, including CE, UL & c UL, etc...
  • Multiple models to meet different applications/requirements.

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