6.0A 7.0n. M NEMA34 Stepper Motor with Brake on Hot Sale

6.0A 7.0n. M NEMA34 Stepper Motor with Brake on Hot Sale

nema34 stepper motor with brake for manufacturing facility price

Merchandise Technical specs
Stage Angle one.8°
Temperature Increase 80ºCmax
Ambient Temperature -20ºC~+50ºC
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Toughness 820VAC for 1s 3mA
Shaft Radial Enjoy .02Max. (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Play .08Max. (450g-load)
Max. radial drive 220N (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial force 60N

CZPTal Specification:

Product No. Step Angle Motor Duration Existing
Holding Torque # of Qualified prospects Detent Torque Rotor Inertia Mass
  ( °) (L)mm A Ω mH N.m No. Kg.cm g.cm Kg
JK86HS68-5904BK6 1.eight 67 5.9 .28 one.seven 3.4 4 .8 one thousand 1.seven
JK86HS78-5504BK6 1.8 seventy eight five.five .forty six 4 four.6 4 one.2 1400 two.three
JK86HS97-4504BK6 1.eight 97 four.five .sixty six three 5.8 4 one.seven 2100 3.
JK86HS100-6004BK6 one.8 100 six. .36 2.eight seven. four one.nine 2200 3.1
JK86HS115-4204BK6 1.8 one hundred fifteen four.two one.2 14 eight.seven four 2.4 2700 three.8
JK86HS126-6004BK6 one.8 126 six. .fifty eight six.5 six.three four two.nine 3200 four.5
JK86HS155-6004BK6 one.eight one hundred fifty five 6. .sixty eight 9. thirteen 4 three.6 4000 five.4

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6.0A 7.0n. M NEMA34 Stepper Motor with Brake on Hot Sale