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Description of Stainless Steel Leaf Chains

The stainless steel ANSI standard BL series leaf chain is a product of excellent strength and maximum wear resistance. The leaf chain is made from stacked chain plates and pins with pulleys instead of sprockets that work hard and easily handle heavy loads. We go a step further by heat treating all link plates and pins.

For chain applications, forklifts and stackers are exceptional applications that require continuous transportation of various large tonnage materials back and forth and high-frequency reciprocating and lifting operations under heavy loads. Leaf chains are safety components on forklifts. Its durability helps increase user productivity and reduce maintenance costs, and its reliability is directly related to critical property safety and personal safety.

Leaf chains are assembled from various lace-up plates and pins. This structure determines that the leaf chain has greater strength, weight ratio, load-bearing, and impact resistance than other chains and is easier to maintain. Ever-power gives a new concept and function to the traditional essential mechanical part leaf chain. It ensures that your equipment has a longer service life, higher safety, and lower maintenance costs.



ISO Chain No. ANSI Chain No. Pitch Chain Lacing Plate depth Plate thickness Pin diameter Pin length Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength Weight per meter
P h2(max) T(max) d2(max) L(max) Q(min) Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm kN kN kg/m
LH0822SS BL422SS 12.7 2X2 12.07 2.08 5.09 11.05 13.32 16.56 0.64
LH0823SS BL423SS 2X3 13.16 13.32 16.56 0.8
LH0834SS BL434SS 3X4 17.4 20.04 24.84 1.12
LH0844SS BL444SS 4X4 19.51 26.7 33.6 1.28
LH0846SS BL446SS 4X6 23.75 26.7 33.6 1.6
LH0866SS BL466SS 6X6 17.99 10.02 49.02 1.92
LH0888SS BL488SS 8X8 36.45 53.4 65.64 2.56
LH1022SS BL522SS 15.875 2X2 15.09 2.44 5.96 12.9 20.04 25.86 0.88
LH1023SS BL523SS 2X3 15.37 20.04 25.86 1.1
LH1034SS BL634SS 3X4 20.32 29.34 39.36 1.5
LH1044SS BL544SS 4X4 22.78 40.02 50.7 1.8
LH1046SS BL546SS 4X6 17.74 40.02 50.7 2.2
LH1066SS BL566SS 6X6 32.69 60.06 75.06 2.65
LH1088SS BL588SS 8X8 42.57 80.04 101.7 3.5
BL622SS 19.05 2X2 18.11 3.3 7.94 17.37 29.34 38.16 1.45
LH1223SS BL623SS 2X3 20.73 29.34 38.16 1.8
LH1234SS BL634SS 3X4 27.43 45.36 61.68 2.5
LH1244SS BL644SS 4X4 30.78 58.74 72.54 2.9
LH1246SS BL646SS 4X6 37.49 58.74 72.54 3.6
LH1266SS BL666SS 6X6 44.2 88.08 114.48 4.3
LH1288SS BL688SS 8X8 57.61 117.42 143.28 5.8
LH1622SS BL822SS 25.4 2X2 24.13 4.09 9.54 21.34 50.7 64.92 2.2
LH1623SS BL823SS 2X3 25.48 50.7 64.92 2.7
LH1634SS BL834SS 3X4 33.76 77.4 102 3.8
LH1644SS BL844SS 4X4 37.9 101.4 128.76 4.3
LH1646SS BL846SS 4X6 46.18 101.4 128.76 5.4
LH1666SS BL866SS 6X6 54.46 152.16 194.7 6.5
BL888SS 8X8 71.02 202.86 259.62 8.6

Feature of Stainless Steel Leaf Chains

  • The tensile strength is not reduced. Heat treatment changes the steel types used for blade chain components change their mechanical properties. Our coating process temperature is low, which means that the chain’s tensile strength is the same as that of our standard leaf chain, which is at least 20% higher than the requirements of the ISO standard.
  • Corrosion resistance up to 800 in 5% salt spray test
  • There is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement, which is the process of embrittlement and fracture of high steel after exposure to hydrogen·
  • As a water-soluble product, it does not contain harmful substances and can provide a low environmental impact and comfortable working environment.
  • Comply with the regulations on Electrical and electronic equipment of the vehicle declaration and ROHS directive.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.

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