Curtis Controller 1236se 36V 48V 600A Golf Cart Buggy Car Kits

Curtis Controller 1236se 36V 48V 600A Golf Cart Buggy Car Kits

Merchandise Description


PWM working frequency: fifteen kHz
CZPTal isolation to heatsink (min.): five hundred VAC
PWM operating frequency: ten kHz
Greatest encoder frequency: fifteen kHz
Optimum controller output frequency: three hundred Hz
Heatsink overtemperature cutoff: linear cutback starts at 85°C complete cutoff at 95°C
Heatsink undertemperature cutoff: total cutoff at -40°C
The 1236E controllers are completely programmable by means of the CURTIS Design 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Personal computer Programming Station. The programmer supplies diagnostic and check capacity in addition to configuration overall flexibility.

Essential Attributes:

CURTIS Model: 1236E-5421(upgraded variation of 1236-5401)
Nominal enter voltage: 48V (default location) or 36V
two Moment RMS Current Score (amps): 450
S2-sixty Moment RMS Recent Score (amps): 205
MOSFET overtemperature cutback: linear cutback begins at 100°C full cutoff at 110°C
MOSFET undertemperature cutback: approx. 50% motor current at -25°C comprehensive cutoff at -40°C
All low power connections are produced via a one 35-pin AMPSEAL connector
Throttle Kind: -5K Ω (default location), flexible throttle circuitry accommodates a selection of throttle types: 5kΩ-, -5kΩ, -5V, and many others.
Working Ambient Temperature Selection: -40°C to 50°C
Inside Heatsink Functioning Temperature Range: -40°C to 95°C
Storage Ambient Temperature Assortment: -40°C to 95°C
Package environmental rating: IP65
Proportions: L232xW165xH85 mm
Characteristics Contain:

Enhanced Efficiency, Improved features
Greater functionality sort, suit and practical replacements for previously CURTIS Design 1236E AC controllers.
CE marked as a programmable basic safety system under EN ISO 13849-1.
Versions CZPT for 450 output at 36-48V program voltages. These are accurate two minute RMS rankings, not limited length ‘boost’ rankings.
Improved 64MHz micro and further FLASH memory doubles the CZPT VCL code area and provides far more than twice the VCL execution velocity.
Six added VCL-configurable CAN “mailboxes” considerably will increase CAN learn capabilities.
Advanced Pulse Width Modulation techniques create low motor harmonics, low torque ripple and minimized heating losses, resulting in large efficiency.
Unmatched Adaptability
Very easily programmable by means of the CURTIS Design 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Pc Programming Station.
Programmable for possibly traction or pump apps.
Area upgradeable software program.
Built-in Battery point out-of-charge algorithm and hour meter.
Totally-highlighted generic application and VCL for standard Warehouse Truck purposes is provided.
Complete programming choices and VCL permit other apps to be easily supported.
CURTIS hand-held or Personal computer Home windows programming resources offer effortless programming and effective system diagnostic tools.
Integrated standing LED supplies instant diagnostic indication.
Sturdy Safety and Dependability
Dual Microprocessor architecture cross-checks vital circuits, logic, and application functions to ensure the highest feasible functional protection efficiency level is reached.
Insulated Metallic Substrate power foundation gives exceptional heat transfer for enhanced reliability.
Fall short-Secure electrical power part style.
Reverse polarity safety on battery connections.
Brief circuit protection on all output motorists.
Thermal cutback, warning, and automatic shutdown give security to motor and controller.
Rugged sealed housing and connectors satisfy IP65 environmental sealing standards for use in severe environments.
Fulfills or complies with relevant US and CZPT Laws
EMC: Developed to the needs of EN12895.
Safety: Made to the demands of:
EN (ISO) 13849-1
IP65 Rated for each IEC 60529.
UL regarded for each UL583.

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    Curtis Controller 1236se 36V 48V 600A Golf Cart Buggy Car Kits