Delta B2 200W 17bit Encoder AC Servo Motor and Driver

Delta B2 200W 17bit Encoder AC Servo Motor and Driver

Spec&period table of Delta Ac Servo Motor

Product ECMA-C20602 ECMA-C20604 ECMA-C20807
Rated Power 200w 400w 750w
Rated Torque &period64Nm one&period27Nm 2&period39Nm
Max&period Torque 1&period92Nm 3&period82Nm 7&period16Nm
Rated speed 3000rpm
Max&period Speed 5000rpm
Rated current one&period55A two&period6A six&period1A
Inertia &period177 X10&Hat-4kgm&Hat2 &period68 X10&Hat-4kgm&Hat2 1&period13 X10&Hat-4kgm&Hat2
Mechnical constant &period8ms &period49ms &period47ms
Fat 1&period2kg 2&period1kg 3&period0kg

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Description of Delta ac servo motor


High-resolution encoder with seventeen-little bit &lpar160&comma000 p&solrev&rpar is equipped as a common feature which satisfies the software wants of substantial precision positioning management and secure rotation at reduced pace&interval

Fulfill Higher Precision Positioning Requirements  

Help pulse input &lparup to 4Mbps&rpar and analog voltage two kinds of command&periodBuilt-in placement&comma pace and torque a few management modes &lparspeed and torque manner could be controlled by way of internal parameters or analog voltage command&rpar&periodThere auto notch filters are offered to suppress the mechanical resonance immediately and make the system run more efficiently&time period

Offer you Simple-To-Set up Remedy for Basic CZPTt-UpMotor sizing software is provided for the customers to carry out the estimation of the gear conveniently&periodASDA-Gentle configuration software program &lpartuning application&rpar is presented for the buyers to satisfy the functionality requirements swiftly&periodEasy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and monitoring the servo drive and motor right&periodServo motor provides brake&comma oil seal and many others&period optional configurations for the needs of various purposes&interval

  Minimize Maintenance and Wiring Price for Adaptable OperationExisting electricity cables and encoder cables for ASDA series could be employed nonetheless&time period When upgrading&comma there is no want to buy new components&periodThe control circuit and major electricity circuit is separated&comma protection is elevated and routine maintenance is significantly easier&period400W and earlier mentioned servo push is created-in with regenerative resistor&comma significantly save the wiring and price&periodTwo analog enter terminals &lparCN5&rpar are supplied&comma simply keep track of and the status of the servo motor&time period

Delta B2 200W 17bit Encoder AC Servo Motor and Driver