Electric Cylinder Permanent Magnet Servo Motor High Speed

Electric Cylinder Permanent Magnet Servo Motor High Speed


Composition, Material and Feature

Compact structure, tiny size, easy set up and servicing.

Large precision, substantial performance, higher overall performance,lower sound, dependable, durable

Cylinder material: aluminium alloy.

*45# metal is optional for abnormal thrust cylinder or certain circumstances.

Cylinder rod material: higher-alloy metal,

floor chrome plating, antiwear, anti-corrosion.

*SUS304 is optional for Cylinder rod.



Functionality and Configuration

Internal software of ball screw and roller screw.

Repeated positioning precision: ±0.01mm

*Relevant to diverse situations.

Thrust, pace, stroke and set up can be CZPT.

*Reducer unit is optional to travel large thrust with tiny energy.

Motor is optional to distinct need.

*AC servo motor, lower voltage servo motor, stepping motor, DC motor, variable frequency motor, and many others.



  Special Process

  Add magnet ring inside of, deploy with stroke change

  Anti rotation mechanism.

  All optional elements can be designated or supplied by buyer, for e.g.: servo motor, reducer.

Use Range:

Aerospace examination take a look at, numerous degrees of independence simulation, multi-DOF dynamic leisure, multi-DOF precision machining, robotics, mechanical lifting platform, automotive press, auto production products, machinery and automated generation strains, metal casting, petrochemical, content handling , injection molding device, mold management, valve manage, precision equipment equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, food business and other fields.



Observe: CZPT cylinder is not a standard items,please tell us your clear demands for check.



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Electric Cylinder Permanent Magnet Servo Motor High Speed