Lkzs-145s-4 Centrifugo Ventilador Extractor for Railway, Subway Ventilation

Lkzs-145s-4 Centrifugo Ventilador Extractor for Railway, Subway Ventilation

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Model Definition
Component one: Design Code
No. one L: centrifugual admirer
No.2 K: air conditioning fan W
No. 3 P: belt drivenexternal rotor motor push Z: shaft generate
No. 4 None: single-situation, double inlet D: one-circumstance, single-inlet S: double-scenario, double-inlet W: solitary-inlet CZPT scenario
Element 2: blade diameter code, device is mm
Component 3: circumstance width code, up to 2 bits
SS: little width S: little width M: medium width L: large width
Component four: motor pole 

Such as LKZS-145S-4 is centrifugal air conditioining fan with double-scenario SHAFT Driven, blade diameter 145mm with tiny width, motor poles 4

CZPT Specification       

   ***LKZS145 to LKPS315 CZPT, motor electricity variety from .12kw to seven.5kw CZPT, AC and DC power provide the two CZPT***

Set up Method
LKZS collection has two main varieties in accordance to the outlet angle: one hundred eighty °, 270 °. It can also be CZPT to other instructions according to the wants of consumers.

These kinds of as, Matching motor EIF-AS248 for DC power supply under our “ac induction motor” in manufactured-in-china, or get specification from our EIFPMG internet site.
Such as, Matching drive EIF-ASD248, can uncover this 1 below our “ac induction motor push” in made-in-china, or get specification from our EIFPMG internet site.

The low noise fans we designed including LK series centrifugal enthusiasts and ZL sequence axial enthusiasts, which can enhance the output stress, decrease noise and improve efficiency. It is extensively utilized in hotels, colleges, hospitals, factories, mines, large-speed railway, buses, and other fields. 
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We provide total axial/centrifugal air flow equipment  with improved conserving-vitality electrical motor, AC and DC energy offer equally CZPT.
Axial and Centrifugal Ventilators Offered, enhanced electric motor and driver CZPT


What we will do for you:                        
1. provide technical advisor prior to order and confirm your genuine technological need according to your description on usage inside of one-3 doing work days                        
two. source the proper and approved under critical high quality inspection method stepper motor design in 10 times(if CZPT model,we will recheck the delivery time)                        
three. provide specialized help when the item arrives you, to make certain you can operate the equipment smoothly               
4. offer 1 year warranty, and entire lifestyle technological support                        
5. always update our item info with you.       

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Lkzs-145s-4 Centrifugo Ventilador Extractor for Railway, Subway Ventilation