Black River Titanium Iron Sand Concentrator Spiral Chute

Black River Titanium Iron Sand Concentrator Spiral Chute

Black river titanium iron sand Concentrator Spiral Chute

Our manufacturing facility make complete sets mining equipments for separating titanium, chrome, zircon sand, rutile ore, monazite, ilmenite, magnetic iron ore, tin ore and so on .
The equipments contain shaking desk, spiral separator, electrostatic separator, magnetic separator, trommel, dryer, ARC plate separator, flotation equipment…
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Our factory generate total sets mining equipments
for diverse minerals separation 
Coltan Diamond Zircon sand
Tantalum River sand gold Titanium
Cobalt Alluvial gold Tin /Cassiterite
Tungsten Rock stone gold Hefty minerals sand
Tantalite  placer gold Chromium ore
Silica sand Gold tailing Monazite 
Copper  Clay gold mining Tungsten ore
Barite  Desert sand gold llmenite
Chrome  Quartz Wolfram ore
Iron ore Coal Niobium
Manganese ore Sand gravel Rutile
Fluorite Topsoil Hematite

Vietnam 500 tons for each hour titanium ore beneficiation project.
Uncooked ore principal contents :
Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Tin, Hematite, Magnetite Iron ore, Quartz, Monazite, Silica sand, etc.
CZPTer’ focus on:  get the substantial quality titanium ore 50% previously mentioned, in the same time, get by-goods tin and Zircon, Rutile. 

We design the processing flowchart as under:

1). Use sand pump feed materials directly to spiral separator.  If there are some larger stones in deep areas, can take into account use trommel screen to individual out particles +2mm
2). Spiral separator:  use two-stages spiral separator, 1st phase is for rough concentration, the middling from very first-phase will go to 2nd-phase to concentrate again to get high restoration ratio.
three). Soon after two stages spirals operating, it get hefty minerals concentrates. Then, to begin with use our factory unique developed 4 rollers wet magnetic separator to get large grade iron ore and titanium ore, and also individual out monazite ore and other weak magnetic ore.
four). Zircon and rutile other non-magnetic minerals goes to shaking table for concentration, also use two levels shaking desk for receiving increased focus impact.
five). following the electrostatic separator, can get rutile and other minerals, maybe nevertheless which includes some magnetic minerals, so use a high depth dry method magnetic separator to  remove the magnetic minerals again, the zircon will be more high quality up to 66% for sale a great price. 

We design distinct procedure flowchart relies upon on customer’s genuine mining issue.

Some very hot offering equipments information as below,

one). Spiral Separator (Spiral Chute)
one. Rutile, ilmenite and zircon focus
2. Iron ore, chromite and manganese beneficiation
3. Tin, tantalum and ore focus
4. Gold, native copper and base steel recovery
five. Silica sands processing
6. Titano-magnetite concentration

Characteristic & Advantages:
Affordable construction and tiny occupation spot
Large restoration, high effectiveness, and specific separation,
Gentle in bodyweight, rust and corrosion resistant
Basic installation and Small servicing needs
Minimal working value and extended functioning existence
CZPT managing with minimal operator consideration
Strong adaptability to fluctuation of feeding volume, density, measurement and quality

Specification of Spiral Separator

Product 5LL-1500 5LL-1200 5LL-900 5LL-600 5LL-four hundred
Outdoors dia(mm) 1500 1200 900 600 four hundred
pitch(mm) 540,720 900,720,540 675,540,405 450,360,270 240,one hundred eighty
Pitch Dia Ratio .seventy five,.six,.45 .75,.six,.45 .75,.six,.45 .seventy five,.6,.45 .6,.forty five
Lateral slope
Greatest begins for every column 4-2 four-two four-2 three-two two-1
Max Feeding Measurement(mm) 3 three 3 3 three
Feeding Density(%) twenty five-fifty five 25-fifty five twenty five-fifty five twenty five-fifty five twenty five-fifty five
Potential(T/H) eight-6 4-six 2-three .eight-1.2 .15-.two
Length(mm) 1560 1360 1060 seven-hundred 460
  Width(mm) 1560 1360 1060 seven hundred 460
  Peak(mm) 5230 5230 4000 2600 1500
Excess weight (Kg) 800 600 400 a hundred and fifty 50

two). Massive approach capability CNC Jig.
Feeding measurement: can handle any -30mm materials(<30mm).
Process capability:thirty tons per hour for every set.
CNC adjust stroke and frequency, it is effortless to take care of the procedure speed and ability.
3 chambers for every set with only one piece seven.5kw electrical motor, less electric powered intake!

three). Conventional Sawtooth Wave Jig

Jig separator belongs to gravity-primarily based equipments, which can individual mineral dependent on differing of particular gravity. Noticed-tooth wave jig is mainly consist of 3 elements: Principal body, driving established and jigging chamber.

The unit is suited for sorting ferrous and nonferrous metals, chemical compounds, building and metallurgical aspects of experimental research.

Working Principle Of Jig Machine

Jigs a kind of vitality conserving gravity equipment growth and improved on the foundation of classic jigs according to the the oretic layering regulation of jig beds. Their jigging pulsation curves take the condition of sawtooth waveform which gets the ascending drinking water to vacation more quickly than the descending drinking water. The ascending time is short while the descending time is long. The dilemma that the ascending descending h2o flow and motion time made by sine wave and pulsation wave are the identical is solved. The looseness of bed is strengthened and suction purpose is alleviated so that the large ore grains in the minerals are in a position to precipitate completely and the sorting ratio capability and restoration rate of products are largely improved.

Specification of classic sawtooth wave jig

Design Chamber Greatest
of h2o
condition location(m2)
JT0.fifty seven-one Ladder .fifty seven 6 one-three >=.5 1-2.5 one.5 1550x780x1530 610
JT1-one Ladder one.04 10 1-3 2-4 2.two 2270x1110x1890 900
JT1.five-2 Rect 1.53 10 1-two three-eight three 3200x1550x2050 1520
JT2-two Rect two.28 10 one-3 4-eight three 3225x1550x2050 1640
JT3-1 Ladder 3.3 10 one-three 6-ten five.five 3180x2000x2600 3260
JT4-two Rect 4.33 30 1-3 10-15 seven.5 3600x1850x2600 4600
JT5-two Ladder 4.86 ten 1-3 10-fifteen 7.5 3600x2000x2600 4500
JT1.five-2S Rect one.53 thirty one-3 3-8 1.5×2 3200x1550x2050 1590
JT2-2S Rect 2.28 30 one-three 4-eight 3×2 3225x1550x2050 1700
JT3-2S Rect 3 thirty 1-three six-15 five.5×2 3560x2030x2600 3260
JT4-2S Rect four.33 thirty 1-3 ten-20 4×2 3600x1850x2600 4660
JT5-2S Ladder four.86 30 1-three 10-twenty five.5×2 3600x2000x2600 4700
JT6-3S Rect 6 30 one-3 15-30 seven.5×2 4600x2000x2600 5900

four). CZPT Radial Jig

   CZPT radial jig has been widely employed as roughing separation products to select ore these kinds of as alluvial gold, tin, diamond, tungsten, manganese and hematite. 
   CZPT radial jig is designed from round jig. It really is composed of two components: travel and tank. The travel is mechanical hydraulic type, the electricity is supplied by motor by means of the transmission mechanism allow the output shaft of the gear reducer drives the cam rotation, the cam pushes the piston of each grasp cylinder make periodic reciprocating movement, which converts electrical power into mechanical strength and then into hydraulic vitality. By way of hydraulic pipes and all kinds of valves allow the relocating cylinder drives the cone of jig up and down fluctuation.
   CZPT radial jig adopts electromagnetic velocity regulating asynchronous motor to understand the frequency adjustment, it is a step-less adjustment and the adjustable variety of jig frequency is -ninety moments for each moment. 
   CZPT radial jig has several advantages in contrast with the a variety of jig equipment: Massive jigging area, large ability simply because the jig tank is admirer-formed, it is advantageous to recuperate fantastic particle supplies Compact structure, central feeding and little distribution room, suited for use on dredger Because of the hydraulic push, the transmission mechanism is simplified and conserving energy. The complete power of the very same procedure potential is only eleven.six Kw, conserving about 55% electricity than the traditional jig device in the same focus area. The pulsation curve is approximation observed-tooth curve, not only conducive to recuperate fine weighty minerals, also preserving a large number of make-up h2o, the make-up water is about a quarter of the normal jig.

Benefits and Traits

  1. Huge capability, significantly less land profession, wide get better assortment on dimensions
  2. Higher concentrating ratio and high restoration
  3. Effortless to set up, function and maintain
  4. The pulsation curve is observed-tooth wave condition aid large mineral to settling
  5. Saving drinking water sixty-70% and conserving electricity fifty five% than the regular jig
  6. The pulsation pace quite effortlessly altered by the regulator
  7. Can achieve a good result in processing such as placer gold, tungsten, tin, hematite, manganese, barite, and gemstone and so forth.
Chamber three four 5 six 7 8 9 10 eleven 12
Jigging location
9.9 thirteen.2 16.five 19.eight 23.1 26.four three.3 36.three 39.6
20. 25. 30
Frequency of stroke
Feeding dimensions
Make-up water
one-3m3/ton of ore
Make-up drinking water stress
fifty-75 sixty six-one hundred 78-one hundred twenty five one hundred-one hundred fifty 116-175 132-197 one hundred fifty-two hundred 166-245 182-270 two hundred-300
Driving motor
five.5 seven.5 seven.five seven.5 11 eleven 11 fifteen fifteen 22
hydraulic energy device
6000 8000 ten thousand 12500 14200 15800 17500 18000 19200 21000

5). Shaking Desk:

Shaking desk for sale is a single of the principal equipments of gravity concentration. Gravity Focus Tools is not only widely applied on separating tungsten, the tin, the tantalum niobium and other rare metals and the noble metallic ore. Also broadly employed in separation for Gold, Silver, Tin, Columbium, Tantalum, Titanium, Barium, Tungsten, Iron, Chrome, Manganese, Zircon, Guide, Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, etc. The shaker effective recycling granularity scope is two-.037 millimeters.

Doing work Principle
The working theory of shaking table for sale is to use the mixed action of the particular gravity distinction of sorted minerals, alternating movement of mattress floor, and transverse oblique drinking water stream and riffle (or notch groove), to enable free layering of ores on the mattress surface and fan-formed zoning. Then distinct items can be created.

1.Large restoration ratio
two.Long working existence thanks to new technology.

Spcification of Shaking Table

Design 6s-seven.6 6s-4.08 6s-1.ninety five 6s-.5
Deck type Coarse ore deck Fine sand deck Slime deck      
Benefication Area(m2) 7.six 7.six seven.6 four.08 one.ninety five .5
Deck size Duration(mm) 4450 4450 4450 3000 2100 1100
Transmission end width (mm) 1855 1855 1855 1320 1050 five hundred
Concentrate end width (mm) 1546 1546 1546 one hundred ten 850 430
Maximum feeding size(mm) 2 .5 .fifteen Sand -2 Slime-.1 Sand -2 Slime-.074 Sand -2 Slime-.074
Feeding amount .8-1.5ton/h .8-1.5ton/h .eight-one.5ton/h .four-one.5t/h .three-.8t/h .05-.2t/h
Feeding density(%) twenty five-thirty twenty-25 15-25 10-30
Stroke(mm) sixteen-22 eleven-16 eight-sixteen 6-30 12-28 nine-seventeen
Frequency(F) forty five-220 fifty three-250 60-280 210-320 250-450 280-460
Water added 1-3t/h 1-3t/h 1-3t/h .4-2t/h .2-1t/h .1-.5t/h
Transverse slope of deck 2°30-4°30 1°30-3°30 1°-2° -10° -8° -10°
Longitudinal slope of deck one.4 .ninety two
Cross-section shape of deck rectangular saw-tooth triangle
Motor power(kw) .fifty five
Transmission mechanism Eccentric linkage

six). High Stress Electrostatic Separator and ARC Plate Separator

High rigidity electrostatic separator is supposed for dry separation of minerals based mostly on the electrical conductivity big difference by making use of higher voltage electrical discipline.
CZPT Specs
• Separation Voltage: maximum 60kV
• Feed Particle Measurement: ~2.0mm
• Drum Rotating Pace (Drum sort): thirty~300 r/min
Product Kind
For Mineral and Recycle Business
• Drum Sort Substantial Tension Electrostatic Separator – GES sequence
• Arc Plate/Sieve Plate electrostatic Separator – GAC sequence

Common Application
Minerals sector, recycling business and fly ash.
It is extensively utilized for different ilmenite, zircon, rutile, gold, copper, leucoxene, hematite, cassiterite, chromite, columbite, aluminum, monazite, quartz, feldspar, scheelite, barite, staurolite, kyanite, sillimanite, garnet, chopped wire, plastic, digital scrap, plastic bottle, recycling, steel, non steel, pc cable, decarburization of fly ash, caron enrichment of fly ash…

Specification and models:

Rollers qt 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Roller speed -800r/min -800r/min -800r/min -800r/min -500r/min -500r/min -500r/min -500r/min
Doing work voltage -45kv -45kv -45kv -45kv -45kv -60kv -60kv -60kv
Feed size -2mm -2mm -2mm -2mm -2mm -2mm -2mm -2mm
Capability .three-1t/h .five-2t/h 1-two.5t/h 1-3t/h two-3t/h 1-4t/h 2-5t/h four-8t/h

seven). Moist sort magnetic separator & Large intensity dry kind magnetic separator
Our factory make the two Soaked type magnetic separator & Dry sort magnetic separator
Each moist kind and dry typte magnetic separator’s magnetic subject intensity from 800 gauss up to 15000 gausss.
It is very excellent to independent out sturdy magnetic iron ore, ilmenite, titanium, hematile, monazite, tin, zircon and other weak magnetic ore.
(we produce diverse rollers, this sort of as one roller, two rollers, a few rollers, four rollers…):

Our company & CZPTers Checking out

HangCZPT CZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd is an skilled manufacturer of mining devices in China. Our business is situated in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT Zone, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. county, ZheJiang province, covering an location of over 30000 square meters, obtaining more than thirty sets of heavy processing tools and with an yearly outpurt of far more than 2000 sets of mining equipment.

— PRE-SALE Support —

one.Based on clients’ ask for and spending budget, CZPT experts will strictly make productive, reputable answers accordingly
2.Mine sample screening is CZPT, we welcome the buyer send out the sample to you for testing by courier, or, the buyer just take the sample to our manufacturing unit for tests
three. Layout and give the comprehensive processing flowchart
4. Layout & company products in accordance to clients’ calls for.

— After-SALE Support —

1.Pre-check out and examination the merchandise just before shipping
two.Provide the complete plant design and style for our clientele which such as infrastructure, electrical technique and pipeline technique layout
three.Trace the position of the shipping till the goods gained
4.Prepare necessary files to let clients pass custom clearance
five.Dispatch authorities to carry out below provider on web site:
      one) Installation & debug of the machinery
      2) Practice the first-line operators & technical personnel
      3) Carry out any other services clientele might require
6. Give specialized exchanging & spare areas for daily life-long expression

— A single Quit Remedy —

one.CZPTting by managing the mineral beneficiation experiment. To give our clientele with the very best solution accordingly
two.Besides offer the flowchart design & gear, we also offer the infrastructure style CZPTal & pipeline system layout, and so on. To assist our clientele comprehensive the layout of the whole plant
three.Right after the installation, debugging of the tools, the official production will also be guiding by our knowledgeable engineers on web site, to ensure the output minerals completely meet up with your calls for.


Q: What Info must customers give to us in purchase to allow we provide you with productive & suitable quotation and help.

A:one). What type is the mining? Is it rock stone? or it is sand?
2). If rock stone,What is the standard particle measurement(mm) of the uncooked ore?
3). What is the managing capability(tons for each hour) you program to perform with?
4).What is the elements of the raw ore? How much % % of every minerals?

Q: Can we send out the mineral samples to your firm, let your organization run the ore-dressing experiments take a look at for us?

A: Indeed, we can operate the ore-dressing experiments for our consumers. Following the take a look at, we will primarily based on the results to give you the affordable flowchart, appropriate solution and equipments assortment. and so on.

Q: How prolonged is the warrenty of your equipments? Does your organization provide the spare parts?

A: The guarantee time period of CZPT equipments is one particular year. And of system we will offer the spare areas for you for life-long time at most affordable price.

Q: If i require the complete mineral processing line. is CZPT ready to help us build it?

A: Sure, we can assist you combine a comprehensive mineral processing line. and give you associated skilled advices as extended as you need to have.
There is a rich encounter engineer group of us. we experienced previously develop several mining tasks in China & Abroad. You can imagine our top quality and provider.

Welcome to check out our manufacturing unit in your cost-free time!

Black River Titanium Iron Sand Concentrator Spiral Chute