High Speed Servo Motor Control A4 Paper Cross Cutting Machine

High Speed Servo Motor Control A4 Paper Cross Cutting Machine

High Precision A4 Copier Paper Cross Chopping Machine 

It can have the purpose of car gathering system 

If you requirements one time much more sheet pieces of paper ,you can select far more than one unwinder to be 2 or 3 or four or even far more unwinders .
CZPT parameter

Max unwinding diameter              φ1400mm            
Reference fat of reducing paper       40~500g             
Max minimize width                     1100mm            
Chopping length                          twenty-1000mm          
Chopping speed                           a hundred and ten-130times/min      
Slicing precision                    ±0.2mm            
Voltage                         AC380V/220V x 50HZ
Whole power                           8kW       
Principal function                     one)Can be one roll,2roll,four rolls loading    (Optioanal)           
two)With paper stacker          (incorporate)                
3)With round cutter for slitting   (consist of)                
4)With belt transferring         (incorporate)                 

This equipment is specialist for horizontal and vertical chopping paper rolling components to A4 ,dimensions.

-Adopts pneumatic computerized supplies loading system with considerably straightforward operation and convenience
-Adopts down-up recurrent reducing with orderly completed products and CZPT drinking water caltropmeantime,it can be utilised for horizontal chopping and vertical cutting at one time
-It adopts servo motor for managing consistent-size slicing.
-It adopts PLC control, speak to display operation
-It adopts pneumatic, displacement sensor for controlling transmission technique, with photoelectric, fuel jointly, it has the purpose of
effortless operation, large precision, very good steadiness, low noise.
-This equipment has the purpose of the frequency converter timing unit, automatic counting, quit working by alarm ,magnetic powder tension handle, can be vertically, adopt blower enthusiast to get rid of waste.

-It has the features of substantial-precision of reducing, large velocity,etc . pneumatic composition merged with laptop handle be adopted for transmission area ,creating it grow to be considerably more continual procedure.
-It has the operate of automated stacking which is in purchase . Photoelectric vehicle tracing subtense program.

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High Speed Servo Motor Control A4 Paper Cross Cutting Machine