China factory 6kv 10kv Big Power High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous Motors with Hot selling

Product Description

    Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.i Motor Co.,Ltd which was founded in 1969, is national appointed as chief factory for small and medium-size motor by machinery ministry. It has 50 years history of producing electric Motor.In November 2 square meter’s workshop,8200 square meter’s technology Research building, 23 assembly lines and 2300 sets of producing Machines, and motor testing center (10000KW).The main electric motors for technical research are high-efficiency motor with energy saving, VFD motor, large-size motor and special motor. The company has 1200 staff and workers in total, there are 130 engineers who work on scientific, technical research and test development, Which build “ZheJiang technical center”, “ZheJiang Electrical Engineering Center “. The company passes ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, GB/T28001. 
     Main products: high-efficiency motor (YE3 80-355, YE2 56-355), High-efficiency high voltage motor (YX/YXKK/YXKS series H355-800),compact high voltage motor (YX2 H355-560), VFD motor (YVF2 series H80-450),high voltage VFD motor, low voltage rotor motor (YR series H315-355),YR/YRKK high voltage rotor motor, high-efficiency explosion-proof motor (YB3 series H80-355),TDMK series large-size synchronous motor (specified for mine mill), high voltage explosion-proof motor (YB2 H355-560), Y2 series low voltage big power motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, YE4 series super premium efficiency motor, special motor for car and other special motors for customers. YE3,JHM,YVF2, YE2 series motors pass “CCC” certificates; YE2, YE3 series high-efficiency motors get “CE” certificates; YE3 premium efficiency motor, CXYT permanent magnet synchronous motor, S18/25 get National energy-saving certificates.

    In year 2016, the company achieved sales revenue RMB 1.52 billion Yuan, incoming tax RMB 60 million yuan, net profit RMB 10.171 million yuan, and top 3 comprehensive strength in field of small-medium electric motors in China.

TK,TAW series large size synchronous motors

General Introductions:

TK series 3 phase synchronous motors used for driving large machinery demanding invariable speed. For example, fan, compressor, ball mill, water pump, rolling mill auxiliary drive, etc. They are characterized by leading power factor that can ameliorate the factor of the net. Reliable operation, high of bigger over load multiple that the same 3 phase AC asynchronous motors. Speed don’t changes with the load. High efficiency, etc.

All motors shall have passed strict electrical inspection and running test with assured performances before delivery. They are featured by advanced technology, reasonable structure, high insulation grad, good electrical characteristic, reasonable operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

The rated frequency is 50HZ and the rated voltage are 380V, 660V, 6000V, 10000V. The basic protection degree of enclosure is IP00 or IP23. Cooling method is IC01. Others special requirements should be negotiate with the manufacture before the order is placed.

Work Conditions:

Rated voltage 380~13.8KV
Output power 160KW~4000KW
Poles 10~24
Protection Class IP00/IP23
Insulation Class  F/H temperature rise B
Altitude Not exceed 1000m meters
Rated frequency 50HZ
Duty Continuous(S1)
Ambiemt temperature  -15°C~+40°C
Installation IM7311 and IM5710

The way of excitation is static excitation, also can be made into other way according to user’s requirement. The motors can be made with salt-fog moisture and mould -proof for high elevation.

The above is The Default Parameters, If you have any other special requirements, you can contact us for Customization.

TAW series large size synchronous motors

General Introductions:

     TAW increase-safety brushless excitation synchronous motors are high-and-new technology products developed and manufactured by our company. This series motors can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, refrigeration industries, the locations where hazard gasses place, and can be used to drive reciprocating compressors.

      This series motors adopting the new technique, material and technology in the 1990s, and being of excellent workmanship, this series motors have many features such as compact construction, light weight, attractive appearance, high efficiency,low noise, small vibration, safe operation and easy maintenance.

      Enclosure of this series motors are IP54, cooling method IC81W and IC91W and mounting arrangement is IM7315, IM7311 and IM7111. Available are the motors with the different protection type, cooling form and mounting arrangement according to customer requirements.

Work Conditions:

Rated voltage   3KV~13.8KV
Output power   160KW~4000KW
Poles   12~24
Protection Class   IP54
Insulation Class   F/H temperature rise B
Altitude   Not exceed 1000m meters
Rated frequency   50HZ
Duty   Continuous(S1)
Ambiemt temperature   -15°C~+40°C
Ex mark    ExeIIT1, ExeIIT2 and ExeIIT3

Derive on the bassed series, outdoor type (W type) , tropical humidity type(TH type) and tropical humidity outdoor type(THW type) 3 phase synchronour motors also provided. The performance and mounting and overall dimensions are the same with basic series.

The above is The Default Parameters, If you have any other special requirements, you can contact us for Customization.

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: HangZhou XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I is a factory that has been focusing on motors and accessories for more than 50 years.

Q: What about the warranty?
A: We offer 12 month warranty period as the quality guarantee.

Q: Can you do OEM?
A: Yes , we offer OEM.

Q: How about your service?
A: We have pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service.What we pursue is long-term cooperation,
so our principle is customer first.

Q: What are your terms of delivery?
A: Generally we ship in FOB term, but we couldoffer the solution for CNF, CIF and DDP, which all based on your

Q: What’s the delivery time?
A: 10 to 30 days after receiving your payment in advance.

Application: Industrial
Speed: Low Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Function: Driving, Control
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 10


China factory 6kv 10kv Big Power High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous Motors   with Hot selling	China factory 6kv 10kv Big Power High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous Motors   with Hot selling
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