China Hot selling High Efficiency Low Noise Ie3 Ie4 Ie5 Three Phase Induction AC Electric Asynchronous Motor manufacturer

Product Description


Company Name HangZhou Wonder Electric Co.,Ltd
Headquarters location HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China
Established year 1988
Main Business Manufacturer of top class Electric Motors IE5 IE4 IE3 & NEMA
Products Line Permanent Magnet Syn. motors, Reluctance motors, Asyn. motors, NEMA (inverter duty)
R & D Team Has 15 senior engineers, independent develop full series IE1-IE5 motors, NEMA design A,B,C,D.

IE4 induction motor is already in Mass Production.  

IE4/IE5 PM motors in Mass Production. 

Laboratory Qualification Three units of fully equipped test centers;
Power testing 0.75kW-2000kW;
Inverter-duty Test;
Noise Test;
UL / CSA witness testing lab.
Quality Control Seven owned factories including motors, stamping and casting. 
All the step from coming materials to finished products test are under strictly control.
OEM & ODM Customize the best system solution to make your equipments much more competitive in the market. 

High Efficiency Low Noise Three Phase Induction AC Electric Asynchronous Motor

Wonder line of SWE Series are completely newly-designed 3 phase asynchronous induction motors with cast iron housing. Its efficiency indicators are in line with the IE3 efficiency level defined in IEC/TS 60034-31.

Comparing to many other manufacturers, Wonder made complete new design for IE3 and IE2 motors instead of modifying the standard motors by enlarging the frame size or lengthening the lamination. Thus, our efforts result in good interchangeability among IE4, IE3, IE2 and IE1 versions.

Furthermore, all the lines designed and produced by Wonder are equipped with perfect insulation system. Stators are well insulated with highest standard winding and insulation materials., such as slot liners, slot separators, phase separators, wedges, banding tapes, impregnating media, tapes and sleeving, etc. In addition to aging test, other test such as melting temperature, tensile strength, resistance to heat shock, cut through resistance etc. are also performed to ensure that the insulation system can withstand known operating conditions.

The use of VFD and switching frequency are major driving forces to save energy. For VFD application, Wonder motors are fitted with class H copper wire, enhanced insulation materials, and insulated bearings or insulated end shield, which provides a good solution for new tech applications in all industry. For frequency between 25-50Hz, there is no need to install forced ventilator for Wonder motors.

Frame Size (mm) IEC 80 to 355
Output Power (KW) 0.55KW to 315KW
Rated Voltage (V) 230V/400V/690V
Frequency (Hz) 50HZ/60HZ
Number of Poles 2,4,6,8
Mounting B3, B35, B5, B14, V1
Protection Class IP55, IP65, IP67
Insulation Class Class F, Class H
Temperature Rise B or above 
Cooling Method IC411/IC416
Applications Pump Motors, Compressor Motors, Ventilation Fan Motor, Gearbox Motors, Centrifugal Motor, Elevators Motors, Packaging Equipment Motors, Grinders Motors, Conveyor Belt Motors
Industries Water Treatment, Air Handling, Marine, Onshore and Offshore, Agriculture & Aquaculture, Woodworking, Paper making, Construction, Steel Plants, Petrochemical & Energy, Warehouse Logistics


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Application: Industrial
Speed: Low Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Function: Driving
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 2, 4, 6, 8


China Hot selling High Efficiency Low Noise Ie3 Ie4 Ie5 Three Phase Induction AC Electric Asynchronous Motor   manufacturer China Hot selling High Efficiency Low Noise Ie3 Ie4 Ie5 Three Phase Induction AC Electric Asynchronous Motor   manufacturer
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